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Editorial Nail Design

Hey guys, Today I wanted to show you my attempt at trying editorial nail art. For those of you that are not familiar with editorial nail art, let me explain(keep in mind this my definition/interpretation of editorial nail art, you are welcomed to comment down below if I missed anything). Editorial nails are what you might see in a magazine, on the red carpet, or on the runway. The days of wearing a french tip, red, and nude manicures are over. Nail art has transformed into mini pieces of art that are painted onto your tiny nail bed. In recent years we have seen everything from foil, beads, rhinestones, chains, spikes, magnets, and even textured polish to achieve the latest nail art trend. One thing that I notice about editorial nails is that they often feel complex but have such a simple look to them. For example, here is the nail design that I came up with. Some other editorial nail designs may include abstract lines, squares, circles, sculpting techniques, and any other polishes or tools used to create imaginative ideas onto the tiny nail canvas. Although my design was very quick and easy to achieve, it still has a elegant look to it. What I loved most about this design is that my lines didn't have to be perfect. I was free to put anything wherever I wanted and if  I made a mistake it didn't matter. I don't know about you, but I love stress free nails! Don't forget to subscribe and watch my tutorial down below!


Products used: Rollin' With The Chromies by KBSHIMMER, Substantially Tan by OPI, White Out Nail Art Liner by Salon Perfect, Creme Black by Wet and Wild Beauty, Quick Dry Top Coat by Rush, and Base Coat by Seche Vite(not in video)

Tools used in video

  • Nail art brush
  • Striper brush
  • Dotting tool 


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