Saturday, December 10, 2016

Zoya Enchanted Holiday 2016 Collection Swatches and Review

Hey Guys! Today I have my swatches and review of Zoya's Enchanted Holiday 2016 Collection. One of my friends on Instagram informed me that they were having a 70% off sale on Black Friday. I have never tried this brand before so this was the perfect opportunity. The collection at regular price is $60.00 and I paid $18.00. What a steal right? After I placed my order on 11/25/16 I received my order almost two weeks later, which is not bad considering the amount of orders they had. When my order arrived my nail polish was in a small box with lots of paper for cushion to protect the nail polish from breaking. At first glance I knew these polishes were going to look amazing. Out of 6 polishes four are PixieDust (textured) and the other two are color-flips (shifting colors). I can see why they named this collection Enchanted, these colors are dark, sparkly, and hypnotizing. Down below I have names and swatches of each polish. Until next time! Happy Holidays!


Elphie is an captivating emerald green polish with sugary green PixieDust matte sparkle formula. The first coat of Elphie was a little streaky. On the second coat the polish covered the whole nail. Finally, on the third coat the polish was fully opaque. Also, Elphie had a lot more shine than Lorna, but both are beautiful. No top coat was applied.


Olivera is a deep dark hypnotizing color-flip metallic with an indigo base that shifts from green to purple. Olivera was almost opaque in one coat but you will need two for it to be fully opaque. This was the only one of my swatches that had a top coat applied it because I wore it for three days. With in those three days there was no chipping.


Lorna is a berry shade with the sugary sparkle of PixieDust. This polish also has a matte finish. The first coat was a little streaky. I got full coverage on the second coat but I applied one more coat to make it fully opaque. No top coat was applied.


Waverly is a deep blue polish that also has the sugary sparkle PixieDust matte Formula. Like the other three PixieDust this polish was also streaky on the first coat. The second coat gave me full coverage and on the third coat it was fully opaque. No top coat applied.


Alice is a alluring periwinkle with magenta blue sparkle with the PixieDust matte formula. Surprisingly the first coat was not as streaky as the other PixieDust. Alice is fully opaque in two coats. No top coat was applied.


Saint is a fanciful color-flip metallic that shifts from periwinkle to magenta. I wouldn't describe Saint as streaky but more sheer like. You will need at least three coats in order for it to be opaque. You can wear this shade depending on how light or dark you want it. No top coat was applied.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Catching Up

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while and just wanted to let you guys know what I been up too. Just know if your not hearing from me doesn't mean I'm not doing my nails. On the other day I realized that I been a nail blogger for a little over a year. It's amazing how time flies when your painting your nails. When I first started this journey I knew very little about the nail community. But, over the past year I have learned new skills and met so many wonderful people. What I like most about our community is that its more than just about nails. For some of us its about relaxing after a really hard day or just simply expressing our selves through a form of art. It really warms my heart when someone messages me just to say hello or ask how my day is going. I look forward to what next year will bring to me. Now, moving on to what I been up to. The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love drinking my Starbucks latte on a cold fall or winter morning, in my opinion it just makes it feel more like Christmas. I have say though, I hate Christmas shopping but I enjoy seeing my family and friends open their gifts. Also, Christmas nails are my all time favorite kind of nail art to do. Therefore, I have been purchasing Christmas stamping plates and polishes. If you would like to check out one of the polishes that I got for the holidays check out this weeks polish pick. In addition, I'm currently waiting on nail mail from Zoya and Pretty Woman that I purchased during Black Friday. When I receive my nail mail you guys will be the first to get all the details. Until then check out some of the manis that I did in the month of November.

Thanksgiving Nails

Okay, so lets start with this one since Thanksgiving just ended. I think this one was my absolute favorite. Any time I do freehand I always appreciate the design more. Just knowing that you painted something with your own hands just makes it more special. This shade is called "Kensington High Street" By Nailsinc. On my accent finger I used "Skinny Dippina Colada" by Zombie Claw Polish. I hand painted the turkey, isn't he cute? I think I shall call him Ed.
IG Photo

Futuristic Nails

These nails are something I normally wouldn't do but I wanted to try something different. I'm really not into aliens but I have to admit these ones look pretty cool. Its a little hard to see but on my accent finger is robotic women who fight aliens from destroying her planet called "Polish". This shade is called "Turn On The Haute Light" by OPI. Stamping plate BP-XL135 from Bundle Monster was used to achieve this look.
IG Photo

Simple Flower Nails

This mani was very easy to do. I applied two coats of "Sultry" By Revlon. Next, I used stamping plate BP-20 from Born Pretty Store for the flowers. Finally, I applied a quick dry top coat. I love this deep blue shimmer polish from Revlon. It also has tiny pink glitter that peeks through it.
IG Photo