Hey guys! Lately I been on a quest of trying different indie polish brands. If your not familiar with indie polish, then let me explain. Indie polish is usually a small business that hand makes nail polish. Also, most of indie polish can not be found in stores but only online. One thing that I love most about indie polish is that many of them are camphor, carmine, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and formaldehyde free. Which means they do not contain chemicals in them that can be harmful to you. The most recent indie polish brand that I have tried is KBShimmer. I ordered four polishes off of their Amazon store for $9.25 each. And I know what your probably thinking, does she get everything from Amazon? The answer is yes, I receive about 90% of my nails stuff from Amazon. I am a Amazon Prime member and I take advantage of the free two day shipping that comes with my membership. Keep in mind that not all indie polish lines have Amazon stores. Also, another great way to find different indie polish lines is on social media. My biggest social media account is on Instagram and I always see many different indie polish lines just by browsing. Also, its always good to follow accounts that support indie brands by advertising different collections or sales. In addition, you can check out some of your friends pages and see what indie brands they like to use and recommend. Another thing that I love about indies are the background stories of the owners. For instance, the owner of OOO Polish started her polish line because she was turned away at a nail salon because of the color of her skin. Parrot Polish gets its inspiration from the many colors of parrots and Parakeets feathers. We all have a story to tell. It just so happens that indie polish line owners tell their story through nail polish. Today I have four swatches for you to view from KBShimmer. In the future I hope to try some of their other products such as hand made soaps, mani bombs, and vinyl nail decals. If you would like to find out more about them you can visit their website.

Full Bloom Ahead

Full Bloom Ahead is a white crelly glitter polish. This polish is full of blue, pink, purple, and other color glitters that remind you of spring time. I applied three thin coats and topped it off with a clear top coat.

Blush Money

Blush Money is peachy rose color that shows off gold shimmer in dim light and holographic rainbow that shines in the sunlight. I applied three thin coats and topped it off with a clear top coat.

In Bare Form

Who doesn't love a nude polish? In Bare Form is a soft beige polish with a light linear holographic effect. I applied three thin coats and topped it off with a clear top coat.

Rollin' With The Chromies

This shade was definitely one of my favorites. Rollin With The Chromies is a multichrome linear holographic shifting color polish. It shifts from cyan, blue, to red orange, and many more. I applied three coats and topped it off with a clear top coat. You can also try this polish with one coat over black.

One coat of "Rollin With The Chromies" over black


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