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Parrot Polish Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Today I have swatches and my review of the two polishes that I got from the indie polish line Parrot Polish. Parrot Polish is family owned and has been operating since 2014. Their polish is 100% cruelty free and 5-Free. Parrot Polish inspiration comes from the many colors of parrots and parakeets. I found out about them while searching for thermal nail polish on Amazon. Thermal nail polish changes colors in response to the heat or cold. What I love most about thermal polish is the constant state of  gradient effect that it gives your nails. Its like buying two polishes for the price of one. It's no secret, I'm obsessed with thermal polish. But it's really hard to find or shall I say, its hard to find ones that actually work. Also, while searching on Amazon, most of the thermal polishes needed a UV light. I own a UV light but I only use it for certain occasions. I was so excited when I finally found a quality brand that needed no UV light to dry. I bought two shades for $10.00 each. On the left is "Citrus Twist" and on the right "Atlantic." I was really impressed with how fast my package arrived. I placed my order on Friday the 26th and received my order on Monday the 29th. The nail polish came in cute little boxes. They also threw in a free heart shaped hand soap for me to try. The polish it self is great quality. You can tell that they use the finest ingredients to make their polish. Currently, they have a 25% off sale going on this month. So that means you have one more day to take advantage of this deal. And don't worry, they ship world wide. If you want to know more about Parrot Polish Nail Polish check out their website and Instagram page.

Citrus Twist

Citrus Twist has a jelly like consistency. It changes from orange to yellow. This polish is perfect for the summer and fall. I applied three thin coats and topped it off with a clear top coat.


Atlantic is a dark green polish that changes to a minty green. This polish was opaque in one coat. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade in the fall. I applied two coats and topped it off with a clear top coat. 


  1. Great review! I love these colors!
    Donna @dwooleybooger


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