My Awesome Nail Haul

Today I'm really excited about doing my first nail haul post. It's been a while since I have visited any of my favorite drug stores to buy nail polish. I mean not because I don't want to. Its just that I feel like I already own everything in the drug stores that's related to nails. For a while now I been doing most of my shopping online. I don't know if its just me but it seems like shopping online is more convenient. Also, you can find more things online and sometimes at a cheaper price. The internet has a lot to offer to us nail addicts. You have your stamping plates, stampers, indie polish, and nail art tools, the possibilities are endless! Oh, the feeling you get when you fill up your shopping cart and click on the check out button. If your anything like me, you constantly look out your window for the mail man to deliver your package. On the day when your nail mail finally arrives you feel nothing but pure joy and happiness. Especially if its one of those days when your feeling kind of low, there's nothing like a little nail mail to cheer you up. Yes indeed, no feeling like it! It's almost like having your own personal Christmas. So when my mother-in-law gave me a $75.00 Amazon gift card for my birthday, I was ecstatic. In the month of July I was extremely busy with traveling and visiting family. Therefore, I wasn't able to do my nails or post as much on my social media pages. When I got back home I had a hard time getting back into my nail routine. So to help me, I decided it was time to do some online shopping or what I like to call it "Nail Therapy". I have pictures of everything that I bought for you guys to view. Swatches and reviews coming soon!

 Nail Mail

5 Piece Sephora by OPI Collection Set $13.99

Sephora is one of my favorite places to buy nail polish. However, I have never seen there own brand inside any of my local stores. So when I saw this great deal, I couldn't pass it up. Polishes from left to right are Ms. Can't Be Wrong, It's Bouquet with Me, Mr. Right Now, IM Beauty, and A True Romantic.

Seche Clear Base Coat $4.90 Each

You can never have too many base coats lying around. I though this price was a steal due to the fact that this product is $7.00 or more at the local drug stores in my area.

KBShimmer Nail Polish $9.25 Each

This will be my first time trying KBShimmer nail polish. Lately, I been wanting to try more indie brands. When I saw that they had a Amazon store I definitely had to grab a few and add them to my collection. Polishes from left to right are Full Bloom Ahead, Blush Money, In Bare Form, and Rollin' With The Chromies.

Club Poptasic Pastel Neon Collection $29.95

There's not really much to say here except that Color Club Nail Lacquer is awesome!  I just love their polish. Definitely one of my favorite brands to wear. Polishes from left to right are All That Razz, Peace, Love, & Polish, Twiggie, Pucci-Icious, Peace Out Purple, and Disco Dress.


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