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Zombie Claw Polish Swatches & Review

Hey guys, Today I will be sharing with you my swatches and review on the Indie Polish Line Zombie Claw Polish. Zombie Claw Polish is sisterly owned, 5 Free, and handmade. Every since I saw them on Instagram I been wanting to try their polish. Just the unique name alone "Zombie Claw" was enough for me to want to know more about them. I ordered the Drinks by the Sand Trio. After I made my purchase, my order was shipped on the next business day. I was very surprised at how quickly my package arrived. Currently, we are in the mist of a hot summer, so this was the perfect time for me to give these polishes a try. Just looking at the different shades reminded me of the time when I visited Panama City, Florida. By our hotel there was a beach where you could order your drinks right in the middle of the ocean. How cool was that? I think its time for me to take another trip to Florida. But until then, whenever I feel like being by the ocean, I'll just wear one of these shades to …

My Nail Care Routine

Hey guys, for today's post we are going to be talking about nail care. I get asked all the time by my friends and family, what do you do to keep your nails healthy? So I figured I would finally share some tips with you guys. These tips have been very helpful to me, in just only in a few weeks I began to see a difference in my nails. If your not sure if your nails are healthy, here's how you can tell. Healthy nails are smooth without dents and ridges. They should also be strong and free of any spots or discoloration. Now, If your nails are opposite of what I just described, then mostly likely your nails are probably not healthy. Before we get started I must warn you, some of these pictures are very graphic and may be hard to look at. As you can see in these pictures my nails were short and very weak. I believe the secret to maintaining healthy nails is to stick to a regimen that works best for you. It may seem like a lot at first but if you stay with it, you'll have healthy…