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Hey guys! Before we get started I must admit that at first I had a difficult time writing this review. I couldn't figure it out and something was missing. So while sitting at my desk I began to scroll down my Instagram feed and I saw a post with the hashtag #dippedinknowledge. Then it dawned on me I was treating this review way too "technical." I needed to dig a little deeper and look within my self. Its just nail polish right? But, nothing is ever what it seems. Imagine yourself walking into a nail salon to get your nails done. You are turned away because of how you look. I myself have experienced a negative situation like this and it's not a good feeling. You could either choose to be discourage or inspired by your personal life situation. With that being said, this is no loner a review you are being dipped in knowledge, I repeat #dippedinknowledge.
      Ok, so now we can start. Today I will be sharing with you the first and only new African-Inspired Indie Nail Lacquer line called OOO Polish, owned by Symantha Wechie-Onyechi. Wow! That's huge right? Currently, there's nothing else out there in the market like this line. This was the very reason why I was so excited to try OOO Polish. I reached out to Symantha when I saw that she was looking for swatchers on Instagram (IG). I did not hesitate, I signed up right away and the rest was history. OOO Polish is vegan, 6-Free, and custom handmade for women of color. Symantha's concept is to create polishes specifically for the under tones of women of color, but any one can wear them. You can see in the swatches how a person's skin tone uniquely brings out different elements of a shade. And that my friends is the beauty of OOO Polish. Symantha is definitely filling a void in this industry. There has been many times where I would limit myself to certain colors because I thought they may not look good on me. Also, when I did go to the nail salon they would only have their "usual" choice of shades. With OOO Polish you don't have to worry about how it will look on you. I don't know how she does it but, each shade transforms and customizes it's self to your skin tone.
     In my last post I expressed how our love for nail polish and nail art can represent what we care about most in our lives. This is what really intrigued me about OOO Polish. It's not just about having a hobby or pretty nails. It was about turning a negative experience into something positive. And I definitely can feel the positive vibes when I wear her polish. Another thing that I love, each polish comes with a small description about it to give it a sense of history or personality to each color. For instance, her Mother Nature Collection was named after all the women that has touched her in her life. Now, that's a lot of history! Dedicating a collection to generations that lived before her reveals that Symantha takes pride in where she comes from and her culture. Have you ever heard the expression that good things can come out of a bad situation? Because of what she experienced, Symantha never wants her customers to feel like she felt. Her goal with OOO Polish is to make us feel beautiful inside and out! You've probably figured out by now where I saw the hashtag #dippedinknowledge. Yes, you guessed it right, from Symantha. Through her polish line she has inspired us to be proud of who we are and where we come from. So now I will leave with this quote from her, "In order to know yourself you must have knowledge of self and your History. My goal is not to teach but to always learn and pass it on." To order and find out more about OOO Polish visit


Oyá is from the Orisha Collection. This red polish is named after the African Goddess "Mother of Nine." She is known to be a fierce warrior who rides into war. I have two different swatches for you to view, one is by me and the other is by juki_nails. You can see how our skin tones uniquely brings out the different elements of this shade. I applied two coats and topped it off with Shine like a Queen top coat.

Swatch by @juki_nails. Check out their IG page!


Orunmila is one of OOO Polish's signature shades and I can definitely see why. The story behind Orunmila tells that he is the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge, and divination. This beautiful and flawless nude polish is perfect for a casual day or even the office. I applied three thin coats and topped it off with Shine Like a Queen top coat.


Candace is from the Queen Collection. This polish is named after the Empress of Ethiopia. Its such a pretty blue and sparkly shade! I have two different swatches for you to view. One is by me and the other is by Xenia. You can also see in this polish how our skin tones uniquely brings out the different elements of this shade. I applied two coats and topped it off with Shine Like a Queen top coat.

Swatch by Xenia also know as @amazon_queen82 on
IG. Check out her IG page!


Grace is from the Mother Nature Collection and named after one of Symantha's strong grandmothers. Each shade of this collection represents a woman that has touched her in her life. I applied three thin coats and topped it off with Shine Like a Queen top coat.


Olorun is a green holographic shade from the Universe Collection. This shade reminds me of the colorful parts of  the galaxy in outer space. Olorun is perfect for a girls night out or if your just feeling like being one with the universe. I applied three thin coats and topped it off with Shine like a Queen top coat.

 Tips for application of OOO Polish

  1. Clean and trim cuticles on a regular basis
  2. Make sure your nail is free of any residue or oil
  3. Use base and top coat
  4. Apply 2 thick coats or 3 thin coats for best results


  1. Awesome review! Yes! Polish is more than just a color. There is so much expression and feelings shown with colors, be it happy, sad, fear, etc. I'm sorry your looks caused you being turned away, but experiences like that just make you stronger and better than those who treat you wrongly. You rock sis!! (Nail.dazed)

  2. Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed!


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