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OOO Polish...Dipped In Knowledge

Hey guys! Before we get started I must admit that at first I had a difficult time writing this review. I couldn't figure it out and something was missing. So while sitting at my desk I began to scroll down my Instagram feed and I saw a post with the hashtag #dippedinknowledge. Then it dawned on me I was treating this review way too "technical." I needed to dig a little deeper and look within my self. Its just nail polish right? But, nothing is ever what it seems. Imagine yourself walking into a nail salon to get your nails done. You are turned away because of how you look. I myself have experienced a negative situation like this and it's not a good feeling. You could either choose to be discourage or inspired by your personal life situation. With that being said, this is no loner a review you are being dipped in knowledge, I repeat #dippedinknowledge.
      Ok, so now we can start. Today I will be sharing with you the first and only new African-Inspired Indie Nail L…

Nail Therapy? Let's get Personal!

Hey guys! welcome to my blog. I started this blog a year ago along with when I first started Instagram(IG). I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the blog and my IG page, so I decided to just focus on having fun with IG. Its been almost a year later and let me tell you, its been one heck of a ride. I have had so much fun meeting nice people, participating in nail art challenges, and experimenting with new nail art techniques. I never knew there were so many other people out there like me who loves nail polish. Some people may wonder why would any one love nail polish so much. Well, I love nail polish because there's not a size on the bottle, I don't have to squeeze into it, it just goes right on my nail. I wear nail polish because it may be a special occasion or maybe it just makes me feel relaxed after a long day of taking care of my son and cleaning the house. Here is a picture of some nail art that I did on January 14, 2016. My son Malachi had to have surgery on the next …